[Ambassadors] Opensource free GNU 3D desktop Printer for F16/17?

Richard Vijay richardvj11 at fedoraproject.org
Sun Jun 12 18:15:01 UTC 2011

Hi Experts and Ambassadors
Fedora is always on the forefront leading in the latest of technology in
opensource world. Its still be quite few years before all Linux
distributions make it a breeze for 2D print drivers. Here is something, to
take Fedora to next level.

I would like to present link for 3D free, opensource desktop printer which
can even print itself.
www dot reprap dot org

Its called RepRap and may even be covered by GNU, Can we plan and include
the drivers and software, if everyone on both sides agree? may be on one of
our spins on F16/17

Your views?

URL : http://www.reprap.org

URL : www dot reprap dot org

Thanks and regards
Richard Vijay
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