[Ambassadors] Ambassadors Town Halls

neville at taygon.com neville at taygon.com
Sun Jun 12 20:41:04 UTC 2011


On behalf of all FAmSCo members I would like to invite all of Fedora
Ambassadors to a Town Hall.

At FAmSCO we were looking for the best time for all the ambassadors, but
get many people to agreed on time and date was really slow. So we decided
to move on, to make Town Halls twice a month. We start with our preference
of time and date, and from there we move to a preference of the majority.

As we have FAmSCo members spread all over the world, we will having two
town halls, to allow people to show up.

Monday 20th of June 12am and 12pm UTC



The scope of this meeting is to gather feedback from Ambassadors, so
FAmSCo can better serve the Fedora Ambassadors.

We hope for productive meetings at #fedora-townhall @FreeNode

Best regards

Linux User #: 473217

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