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inode0 inode0 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 01:45:12 UTC 2011

2011/6/9 Christian Bryant <christian at linux.com>:
> I am a GNU/Linux engineer specializing in advocacy and release management
> for collaborative GNU/Linux development. Fedora with GNOME is my default
> desktop environment for development, build, test and release activities. I
> also work with the Sugar Learning Platform on a Fedora spin I created for
> demonstration of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) XO netbook Sugar desktop.
> I create customized GNU/Linux implementations demonstrating minimal,
> development-oriented packages with inherent configuration management. I work
> only with free software on these projects and future plans include
> supplementing my GNU/Linux builds with GNU/Hurd once the Mach kernel is
> mature and implementing an Emacs Lisp interface to provide custom GNU/Hurd
> build tools for software release managers interested in creating secure,
> configuration-managed servers for free software development teams.
> I also have an interest in philanthropy and non-profit organizations.
> Because much of the software I use in my work is GNU and associated with the
> Free Software Foundation (FSF), I volunteer with OLPC to learn more about
> how GNU and FSF can most benefit philanthropic causes. Over the course of my
> career, I hope to understand how philanthropic organizations work and
> eventually form my own non-profit organization to meet the needs of a
> community under stress using humanitarian FOSS.
> I chose Fedora years ago since my first GNU/Linux distribution in the 90's
> was Red Hat.  Though I've worked with many distros over the years, Red Hat
> and Fedora have always been my go-to systems.  I joined the Fedora
> OLPC Special Interest Group as my contribution platform knowing my Fedora
> background and OLPC work would blend together well. My personal goal is to
> create fresh Fedora spins for use in my OLPC activities that other OLPC
> contributors can use to demonstrate XO functionality at the OS level without
> having an XO on hand. At SCaLE 9x I used such a spin running in VirtualBox
> on Fedora 14 for demonstration purposes while working the booth, making sure
> to note Fedora was at the core of both my development system and the Sugar
> spin.
> I've completed my initial steps toward becoming a Fedora Ambassador and
> await the approval process to commence once my chosen mentor commits his
> time.  I look forward to taking my relationship with Fedora to a whole new
> level.

Hi Christian,

What a great introduction! I'm already looking forward to working with
you as a fellow ambassador.


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