[Ambassadors] Bid for FUDCon China 2011

Gerard Braad gbraad at fedoraproject.org
Wed Jun 15 13:01:25 UTC 2011

Hi All,

I have created a bid page for having a FUDCon Asia in Beijing


Would be nice to get your help to make this possible. It would be nice
if you could add information to the page about ticket prices if you
would want to attend this FUDCon. The estimated time for the event is
12+13 or 19+20 of November. The information needs to be known before
the 23rd of June as this is the deadline for the bid. Steadily I will
add more information, but if you can help... please do.



Gerard Braad — 吉拉德
   Regional Mentor for APAC/China, Member of FAmSCo

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