[Ambassadors] FrOSCon 2011

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 15 19:57:22 UTC 2011


as you might know I have taken over organization of FrOSCon 2011. I
registered Fedora at FrOSCon and also applied for a devroom.

FrOSCon is one of the best events in Germany: Excellent organization,
very friendly atmosphere, nice location and prices are really low. It is
not huge, but high quality. Unlike say LinuxTag, the main focus is not
the exhibition but the conference. Every year they have great speakers
to deliver talks cover the latest and greatest in Linux development. But
it is not necessarily a developers event, there are also workshops that
are interesting for people who are new to Linux. A good place to meet
and have fun. Bonn is nearby and good the location is good to reach.

For more info about the FrOSCon, please refer to 

I am happy to that the the FrOSCon organizers have confirmed the devroom
for Sunday. Not it's on us to make something of it. Let's try to deliver
a program that is interesting for both Fedora Contributors and FrOSCon!

I will add a table for the talks later but you can already think about a
topic you want to talk about.

If you want to come to FrOSCon, please add yourself in the wiki at

As usual you have the chance to get reimbursed:

Please help us making this a successful event.


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