[Ambassadors] FUDCon APAC bids

Robyn Bergeron rbergero at redhat.com
Tue Jun 28 13:19:03 UTC 2011

On 06/28/2011 06:00 AM, Gerard Braad wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 28, 2011 at 8:38 PM, Jared K. Smith
> <jsmith at fedoraproject.org>  wrote:
>> On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 11:58 PM, inode0<inode0 at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>> I've not been very helpful in this discussion and about all I can say
>>> is that Neville is exactly right. I have no idea how one could ever
>>> choose between them without some high-level project goals in mind. I'd
>>> like to select both, one for 2011 and the other for 2012 right now!
>> I think that sentiment is well and good, but I also know that the
>> Malasian team declined to bid for 2011 but would very much like to put
>> together a bid for 2012.  In the interest of fairness, we'll be
>> opening up bids for FUDCon APAC 2012 just as soon as we announce the
>> winning bid for 2011, and shoot to have FUDCon APAC 2012 somewhere in
>> the June/July/August timeframe.
> I believe both communities are important and exactly for the same
> reasons as Neville. I can only say that any help to the Chinese
> community is a win for the long-term. No matter what the outcome will
> be, I am sure this will be seen as an inspiration. However, I am also
> worried that most of the Chinese members are not able to attend the
> Indian FUDCon. As mentioned earlier, it would be wise to have someone
> who can decide for us based on metrics, but also with a good
> understanding of both options.
> About the timeframe for APAC 2012? I would say that is later and
> certainly NOT the ideal period; baking hot temperatures ;-)
Not down under :)

Honestly, though - we have the same problem in NA, in that it's Winter 
during our scheduled quarter.  But really, with 3 FUDCons being in 
regions that are primarily in the Northern Hemisphere.... at least one 
of them is guaranteed to be in a bad quarter.

That said: Jared, the recurring event calendar says that APAC should be 
in Q1 (March - May) -- was there some agreement at some point about APAC 
switching quarters with LATAM, who currently is slotted for the June / 
July / August timeframe?

I'd really like for us to stick to the calendar -- makes it far more 
predictable as far as scheduling, people knowing what to expect, and 
when, etc.  If we've switched it around, we should update the calendar 
for FUDCons and their expected quarters.  (That said, if people want to 
come to an agreement about what makes more sense, weather-wise, I'm all 
ears, so long as we can make it (a) predictable, and stick to it for the 
next year or two, and (b) make sure it doesn't involve loading a bunch 
into the same time frame, so it's easier to do planning, get press 
attention, get things paid for, etc.)


> Gerard

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