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Joerg Simon jsimon at fedoraproject.org
Tue Jun 28 15:21:10 UTC 2011

On 06/27/2011 05:14 PM, inode0 wrote:
> I planned to stay out of this thread largely because I don't really
> think a public vote of all ambassadors really makes much sense.

i also think a public vote does not make sense - but a public
communitcation to evaluate the candidates, is showing that we care for
the bids

> However I do agree with Igor here. I helped a little bit with the last
> LATAM organizational meetings concerning site selection and
> sponsorships and I found this spreadsheet very difficult to make sense
> of as I think most people did. Not only are most of the listed items
> not something easy to determine from far away but the categories being
> used didn't really capture the things we felt were important (not that
> the things listed weren't important).

ok - i love to quantify things ;) - but i am not always right - i
thought it was a good idea to have facts(and find new facts) as a base
for this decission and take the other things you mention later in your
mail as further "weight" in the one or other direction.

> Part of selecting a site is answering questions like:
> How much would a FUDCon in this area improve Fedora participation in the region?
> How much would a FUDCon in this area result in actual productive work
> being done during the event? Shortly after the event? Long term?

> Perhaps if FAmSCo was given some guidance about what the Fedora
> Project hopes to achieve with a particular event

I can only give my perspective, and maybe i am alone with this opinion,
but from my experiences with EMEA and NA FUDCons - A FUDCon is a
Conference for People who already have something to contribute, want to
extend their horizon within the Fedora Project or just want to meet and
work together over a period of time.

Considering that i do not think that the main purpose of a FUDCon is to
attract new User or Contributors - once again - from what i experienced
a FUDCon is more something like a large FAD where multiple sessions,
multiple teams meet and work together.

So concentrate only on this questions i would asume(biased):

A FUDCon in India would be a "Getting Things Done" Event - because there
is a strong core community and long time contributors with already a lot
interesting sessions

For Beijing i can not answer if there is a large enough Fedora
contributor-base outside the Ambassadors - to work on something during a
3 day conference( from what i know we have a very commited but small base).
Or if the scope would be more a Fedora Introduction-Conference to
Students? If yes, this would be another concept of event from my pov!
And would need also other advertising.

But as said - maybe i am not right with my opinion because of wrong

cu Joerg

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