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Alejandro Perez aeperezt at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 28 16:17:26 UTC 2011

Well I have been reading all about these bids and I think they did a
great job and the two of them has a great opportunity to make a
marvelous FUDcon. There are only two thinks I like to comment:

One of the things that was against Panama bid on Latam was the fact that
there were no many contributors on Panama, only 4 ambassadors and 2 of
them working on others areas of Fedora Project. So our goal was to bring
as many people that can contribute and show the local community how to
do so, that has lead us now to have 8 new translators and some more
packagers, with 8 working on become a packagers, this is small numbers
as contributors(but big numbers for Panama), but as I mention on the
Latam bid. If we only do FUDcon's where there are many contributors then
it is going to be difficult to empower local communities to become
Fedora Contributors. Not sure as what is the goal of a FUDcon but his
name mention Users and Contributors, in Panama we mix Contributors
bringing them from outsite with users and now we have more locals as
contributor. So to me FUDcon is also a way to identify local talent and
encourage them to become contributors.

As many have said it is a thought call to decide witch one should be the
host, and India can be a good place to bring more people together and
work on Fedora. China can be a great place to show how to become
contributors and empower that local community as happens on Panama.

As I have no other experience on FUDcon my opinion can have a very small

My two cents.

On Tue, 2011-06-28 at 17:21 +0200, Joerg Simon wrote:
> On 06/27/2011 05:14 PM, inode0 wrote:
> > I planned to stay out of this thread largely because I don't really
> > think a public vote of all ambassadors really makes much sense.
> i also think a public vote does not make sense - but a public
> communitcation to evaluate the candidates, is showing that we care for
> the bids
> > However I do agree with Igor here. I helped a little bit with the last
> > LATAM organizational meetings concerning site selection and
> > sponsorships and I found this spreadsheet very difficult to make sense
> > of as I think most people did. Not only are most of the listed items
> > not something easy to determine from far away but the categories being
> > used didn't really capture the things we felt were important (not that
> > the things listed weren't important).
> ok - i love to quantify things ;) - but i am not always right - i
> thought it was a good idea to have facts(and find new facts) as a base
> for this decission and take the other things you mention later in your
> mail as further "weight" in the one or other direction.
> > Part of selecting a site is answering questions like:
> > 
> > How much would a FUDCon in this area improve Fedora participation in the region?
> > How much would a FUDCon in this area result in actual productive work
> > being done during the event? Shortly after the event? Long term?
> > Perhaps if FAmSCo was given some guidance about what the Fedora
> > Project hopes to achieve with a particular event
> I can only give my perspective, and maybe i am alone with this opinion,
> but from my experiences with EMEA and NA FUDCons - A FUDCon is a
> Conference for People who already have something to contribute, want to
> extend their horizon within the Fedora Project or just want to meet and
> work together over a period of time.
> Considering that i do not think that the main purpose of a FUDCon is to
> attract new User or Contributors - once again - from what i experienced
> a FUDCon is more something like a large FAD where multiple sessions,
> multiple teams meet and work together.
> So concentrate only on this questions i would asume(biased):
> A FUDCon in India would be a "Getting Things Done" Event - because there
> is a strong core community and long time contributors with already a lot
> interesting sessions
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:India_2011#Sessions
> For Beijing i can not answer if there is a large enough Fedora
> contributor-base outside the Ambassadors - to work on something during a
> 3 day conference( from what i know we have a very commited but small base).
> Or if the scope would be more a Fedora Introduction-Conference to
> Students? If yes, this would be another concept of event from my pov!
> And would need also other advertising.
> But as said - maybe i am not right with my opinion because of wrong
> impression.
> cu Joerg
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