[Ambassadors] LinuxCon Europe and others in Prague

Jiri Eischmann eischmann at redhat.com
Thu Jun 30 16:19:17 UTC 2011

there will be a kind of a super conference week in Prague because these
events will take place in one city within one week:

LinuxCon Europe 2011 -
Linux Kernel Summit 2011 -
Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2011 -
GStreamer Conference 2011 -
Real Time Linux Workshop 2011 -

I'm wondering if Fedora folks are interested in any of these events.
Linux Kernel Summit is invitation-only and LinuxCon seems to be rather a
business conference since admission starts at $350. On other hand, I
read in the marketing mailing list that some Fedora ambassadors were
going to have a Fedora booth on LinuxCon North America 2011. So maybe we
can try to do the same for LinuxCon Europe.


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