[Ambassadors] Texas Linux Fest 2011

Adam Miller maxamillion at fedoraproject.org
Thu Mar 3 17:01:02 UTC 2011

Hello all,
    The landscape of planning for TXLF 2011 has been somewhat disparate
as there was previously lacking information on the official event web
page. That missing information has now been populated and I'm looking to
finalize some of the plans and wanted to try and hash out as much as
possible on list before the FAmNA meeting this coming week.

First and foremost, I've updated the wiki page for the event with the
appropriate data.


Please take a moment to read over it and let me know any thoughts or

Also, if you are in TX but don't have the money to come and would like
to request funding for sponsorship please request so now. I have in my
proposed budget money for two out of town Ambassadors and will adjust if
need be.

Thank you,

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