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2011/3/8 mak <mahayalamkhan at gmail.com>

> Dearest Monir,
> On Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 5:30 PM, Moniruzzaman Monir <m.mzaman99 at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Mak Vai,
>> Program schedule is not final yet. I will write it on wiki once everything
>> is final (right now its just copy pasted). Last month we already had a talk
>> about Fedora Project on Daffodil arranged by Ashiqur Rahman Angel. And this
>> upcoming workshop is a sequel program of that program. And this is a full
>> practical lab session. And only Daffodil´s teacher and student is allowed. I
>> will talk with them and will inform you if you can attend or not.
> I can understand your limitations, Perhaps, I knew it. :-)
> But, I surely want to inform you few facts in this open list. All
> Ambassadors and Fedora project contributors from Bangladesh are part of
> "Fedora Bangladesh Community" and there is no Leader assigned by fedora
> project by FAmSCO and or by "Fedora Bangladesh Community".
> Fedora events around the world are supported by FAmSCO and we are not
> suppose to incorporated any other group with events. I hope you understood.

I have not known that the event is for Daffodil´s teacher and student only
(I hope I have not missed some words in chat sessions). In the preliminary
conversation with Monir, after his rough estimation of fund request, I did
suggest Monir to seek free venue which may be provided by universities or
companies. However, I hereby clarify that personally I am not supporting to
have a venue restricted to public attendance.

Also, though as a member of FAmSCo, I am not and not capable to assign
"leader" to any regional Fedora communities. Anyone should not be kept away
from participating Fedora events. If the event is not welcome to be joined
by everyone, I do not think that is a Fedora event but an internal lab
taught using Fedora as example/material. In such case, personally I think
funding from Fedora/Ambassador-group may not be appropriate.

> Another issue, you said
> Thank, but I already talked with Ashiqur Rahman Angel suggested by Kaio.
>> And he said, he can do that.
> I don't understand this point. If anyone from Bangladesh community wants to
> participate in your University's event - why *Kaio* have to permit. There
> is no such things in fedora project; anyone can participate out of their
> free desire - only your university can say no - like in my case.
> Remember the 2nd F of our project, which stands for Friends and bears the
> motto *People world-wide work together in Fedora to advance free software.
> *Best regards for your event. My bad luck that I cannot attend.
I did have Monir as my first contact to know the progress and results of the
lab, as he stood up to take responsibilities in organize. Everyone
from Bangladesh community is the stakeholder and I am not and not capable to
permit (or not permit) anything happen. This is the Freedom among all of
you. That's why I let Monir start this thread for inputs from the community.

Monir, for the fund you requested for media production and snacks, they may
be more appropriate to be used where everyone can consume. How about holding
a Fedora event (such as FAD) the day after the lab (which all can join) and
distribute media and set up snack tables then?

Thanks for above comments, and all please feel free to express.


Regards ☺ Caius 'kaio' Chance
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