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> 2011/3/8 mak <mahayalamkhan at gmail.com>
>>> Dearest Monir,
>>> On Mon, Mar 7, 2011 at 5:30 PM, Moniruzzaman Monir <m.mzaman99 at gmail.com
>>> > wrote:
>>>> Mak Vai,
>>>> Program schedule is not final yet. I will write it on wiki once
>>>> everything is final (right now its just copy pasted). Last month we already
>>>> had a talk about Fedora Project on Daffodil arranged by Ashiqur Rahman
>>>> Angel. And this upcoming workshop is a sequel program of that program. And
>>>> this is a full practical lab session. And only Daffodil´s teacher and
>>>> student is allowed. I will talk with them and will inform you if you can
>>>> attend or not.
>>> I can understand your limitations, Perhaps, I knew it. :-)
>>> But, I surely want to inform you few facts in this open list. All
>>> Ambassadors and Fedora project contributors from Bangladesh are part of
>>> "Fedora Bangladesh Community" and there is no Leader assigned by fedora
>>> project by FAmSCO and or by "Fedora Bangladesh Community".
>>> Fedora events around the world are supported by FAmSCO and we are not
>>> suppose to incorporated any other group with events. I hope you understood.
> Are you read my previous mail clearly ? i think you don't. where you find
> the word "Leader" ? I don't mention any word "leader" . why the term
> "leader" comes in this discussion ? what do you mean by "leader" ?

Because, someone is a self proclaimed "leader" of Bangladesh Fedora
Community. I wanted to make you aware of that.

>>> Another issue, you said
>>> Thank, but I already talked with Ashiqur Rahman Angel suggested by Kaio.
>>>> And he said, he can do that.
> This mean  "  Angel says he can help me ".

You tend to make that suggestion appear like an order, it appeared so. See,
what *Kaio* himself said in previous mail.

> I don't understand this point. If anyone from Bangladesh community wants to
>> participate in your University's event - why *Kaio* have to permit. There
>> is no such things in fedora project; anyone can participate out of their
>> free desire - only your university can say no - like in my case.
>> Remember the 2nd F of our project, which stands for Friends and bears the
>> motto *People world-wide work together in Fedora to advance free
>> software.
>> *Best regards for your event. My bad luck that I cannot attend.

> Are you know the meaning of word "suggested" ?  where you find that, kaio
> define who permit my event and who's not ? Kaio didn't permit anything. when
> i talk to Kaio, he says that "this is a big event and as a new ambassador it
> will be tough for you to handle this kind of event". Then i said him that
> Ashiqur Rahman Angel is my University fellow. Then Kaio says that Ashiqur
> will be help me cause Ashiqur has experience to organize event.That why i
> say you that i talked with Ashiqur suggested by Kio.
> To say anything about anyone please be sure what you saying about that
> person. Another thing if you don't know the exact meaning of word
> "suggested"  please see English to Bangla dictionary.

I have been an active contributor for fedora localization project for
several years, now and coordinating Fedora Bengali (bn) localization on
Transifex, and I'll have to see the dictionary. Come on kid, get a grip.

Did you read, *Kaio*'s previous mail. I hope you better read it first.

Wishes for your event.

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