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On 09/03/11 06:05, mak wrote:
> 2011/3/9 Angel <linux463291 at gmail.com <mailto:linux463291 at gmail.com>>
>     Now I see, why you are mad.
>     2011/3/9 mak <mahayalamkhan at gmail.com <mailto:mahayalamkhan at gmail.com>>
>         Because, someone is a self proclaimed "leader" of Bangladesh
>         Fedora Community. I wanted to make you aware of that.
>     In January 1, 2009, I have officially took permission from Paul
>     Frields (that time Fedora Project Leader) to representing Fedora
>     Officially in Bangladesh. Max was there and the mail was also CC'd
>     to Joerg Simon and Fabian Affolter. Feel free to check the archive
>     of fedora-advisory-board list.
>     If you question, why me, why not you or others? My question is also
>     same, why not you or others? You are a Fedora Ambassador from long
>     long time than me, no one was stopping you to take the lead, and do
>     some work. But the reality was different, I have wrote about this
>     whole situation and my experience on my blog, titled ┬┤Fedora
>     Bangladesh and my Frustration┬┤. I am sure, you have read it.
> We (all other contributor from Bangladesh) believe in networking and
> don't like hierarchy, that's why we never felt to be a leader.
> I feel pity on you; after that all frustration you seek (sneaked) the
> permission to be the leader. And I wonder how the board approved without
> asking the Bangladesh community. I'm going to raise the issue in Fedora
> Board why the hell they didn't asked Bangladesh community. Have the
> community voted you or voted the board to assign you as our leader? I
> will ask them.
> But as being a so called leader, you should have known that, Fedora
> events should be open to all. Why didn't you guided Mr. Monir on that.
> The list is public, and people from Bangladesh have started reading this
> thread.
> mak_
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Dear All,

first of all, I am nowhere near the APNIC region, I do not know any of
you, I do not work for Red Hat either,but..and here is the big but, I
have to read this mailing list, and from what I gathered after reading
through your thread is that:

1.non of you have read each others messages properly.

2. We only have one project leader, and that is Jared.

3. The Fedora Ambassadors programme, is not a personal playground for
egocentrics, its a community effort to give benefit to the rest of the
community, not yourselves! So if you missed the whole point of the
exercise you got it a bit wrong.

4.There is really no need to get personal about matters, random insults
solve nothing, and in fact, shows more that non of you should be
ambassadors in the first place. If you cant treat each other right, what
can we expect from you, in terms of treating fellow Fedora
users/potential users. Such behaviour is not very professional in any case.

5. In terms of this whole "leader" non-sense, any of you can make an
event, the event organiser is responsible for making decisions, but
should seek help from others with experience to hold the event.
Again, its about serving the community, not yourselves. The more help
you get from others the better. If you do not agree with somebodies
event, and how he/she is organising it, stay away and make your own event.

If Max, Paul etc.. said you should take "control" to some degree, I am
sure it was meant in a sense to further the Fedora project as a whole,
not to tell people what and what not to do or anything along those lines.

Naturally, also this does not prevent others from doing events etc..
We are free people in Fedora, we do what we want within reason, and if
we don't get funding, we will still hold an event.

6. Events should be open to all (limits might apply to facilities, you
should make this clear on the wiki page), but if this is a University
only event, you probably do not need funding for media etc.
The point of an event is to get more Fedora contributors and users, it
is not meant as an evening in for your mates/colleagues.

(On a personal note, why snacks ?!?!, funding for stickers maybe,
everyone can bring snacks themselves, just put it on the wiki, I am sure
many people will be happy to oblige, especially if they get a nice
sticker.) Worst case, tell them to bring their own, including drinks.
As a former student, one should never underestimate the resourcefulness
of ones peers.

7. I suggest you all take 5 steps back, think carefully about what has
been written, reset your brains to be less hostile, and think about what
this whole exercise is really about. Our users/potential users.
And you are expected to be polite, courteous and helpful, as you are not
just being yourself as an ambassador, but you are representing the whole

I hope this will settle matters.



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