[Ambassadors] sponsorship from Microsoft to freesoftware events in Nicaragua

Neville A. Cross neville at taygon.com
Fri Mar 18 05:40:53 UTC 2011

I feel I am in a difficult situation right now. One Microsoft
representative in Nicaragua has started an approach to the free software
community at large in Nicaragua. He is offering sponsorship for
freesoftware activities like events.

As a summary, he is willingly to invest small amounts on events without
any logo or promotion if the community talks about interoperability.
Bigger support will requiere banners and logos.

I have seen those in big events for freesoftware. Like in pycon,
Microsoft has a banner and the logo was included on the schedule book,
but there was no booth neither talks. I have never see such thing in a
Fedora event.

I think that if the community at large (which includes a few distros,
and other free software groups like drupal) agrees with that, then it
will be going with the majority. For instance, if the community
celebrates Software Fredom Day, it is a big event in which fedora in
Nicaragua contributes. If the event has sponsorship, that does not goes
directly to one group endorsing all sponsors. I am tricking my self?

I think it is not needed for fedora events. Talking about any other
stuff that is not fedora or freedom is out of place. We tend not to
even mention others distros, because we have a topic. Do I am being to
narrow minded? I think that resources is besides the point as Fedora
backs up Fedora activities. Or do I should try to use their money and
save Fedora money for other things?

I have wrote an email to the Fedora Nicaraguan community in the local
mailing list to get feed back. But I would also like to have proper
guidance from Fedora Project in this issue. I do not recall, in all the
time that I have been part of this mailing list, seen something like
this before. So that's why I ask.

Best regards

Linux User # 473217

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