[Ambassadors] TXLF Crunch Time

Adam Miller maxamillion at fedoraproject.org
Mon Mar 21 14:11:40 UTC 2011

To begin with I would like to offer my most sincere apology for missing
our last FAmNA meeting in which I was supposed to cover most of this,
the oversight was my own and there is simply no excuse.

Now on with business, the situation is sadly that I just last Thursday
got all of the information from different entities I needed in order to
actually put together my proper budget proposal. I have updated the wiki
page with my findings and with the proposal.


I would like Fedora to have a strong presence at TXLF and I know we
can and will even though it has been somewhat of a wild ride thus far. I
have potentially all the media I need, I have the event box, and I have
the vertical banners but would like the "UPDATE ME" items on the wiki
page section "swag" to be visited. If we have the materials available, I
would like to request them.

Also, I wanted to bring up the discussion of 32-bit vs 64-bit media. I
know that the majority of new computers are 64-bit (even the latest
Intel Atom is 64-bit) and I'm sure conference go-ers would like to see
64-bit media but I have a lot of 32-bit media that Spot left with me
after SXSW that I think would be sufficient in volume of media but
leaves the question of "do we need 64-bit media?" and if so, is there
some sitting in reserves somewhere? I don't know that 64-bit is 100%
necessary, but it was something I wanted to bring up for discussion

    I want to allow for 2-4 Fedora Ambassadors to be sponsored from out
of town (but still Texas local for travel costs). I have outlined in the
wiki page my proposal for hotel costs and travel reimbursement for fuel.
Please let me know what thoughts are on those topics.
    It is proposed that we sponsor the TXLF as Silver sponsors which
will cost $1000 but if that is outside the confines of the budget I
would at minimum like to have a Bronze sponsorship status.

If there are any questions or concerns please feel free to ask!


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