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Onyeibo Oku twohot at fedoraproject.org
Wed Mar 23 07:41:52 UTC 2011

Hello Zoltan

I've been thinking.  I think it would be wrong to describe my concept as 
a Fedora Handbook. Sankarshan's draft seems more appropriate for that 
because it is broad.  I think we should be discussing a 'Fedora 
Quick-start' *pamphlet*.  It should focus on basic usage and shouldn't 
be more than 10-leaves (A5, 20 pages).  Should it be called 'Quick 
Start' or 'Quick Guide'? .... I don't know, but I hope you get where 
this is going.

1.It should do a snappy walk-through the installation (anaconda) and 
guide the user through post-installation. About 2-3 pages should be 
sufficient for this. We can have graphics overlapping pages.

2. It should introduce the user to the panels (mostly graphics, drawings 
with numbered leaders and descriptive text).

3. It should briefly guide the user through basic applications that they 
may not be used to like, Network-Manager, Nautilus, Empathy, Gnote, 
Rhythmbox, Totem, Brasero, and Evolution.

4. Here the user is introduced to the concept of Repositories and 
PackageKit for new installations. It should demystify the Terminal and 
introduce basic BASH commands like yum. For brevity, references should 
be made to dedicated materials online and the Gnome Help. The guide can 
use the installation of LibreOffice as an example and talk a bit about 
LibreOffice (all snappy and very brief). Introduce other packages like 
GIMP, Paint and Inkscape -- a listing might do.

A quick guide to Shutting down follows. Encourage the User to explore 
more through the '*Fedora Handbook*' (this is where the handbook come in).
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