[Ambassadors] Printed Souvenirs

Onyeibo Oku twohot at fedoraproject.org
Wed Mar 23 12:27:02 UTC 2011

On 03/23/2011 10:48 AM, Zoltan Hoppar wrote:
> Hi Onyeibo,
> I think you're right - and we could put this together quicker then we
> thought - this could be an true Quick Start Guide for Fedora. Btw.
> we've already awesome basic materials made by Mairin for the event
> Check it out: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Design/SXSW_Materials

I saw those. Good stuff

> I think we should reuse them with our needs, but I think your concept
> is much better. Also I would like to put in an Ambassador page/chapter
> - with a dozen ambassadors mail address depending the region if the
> user/newcomer has further questions OR we should provide an empty
> space on inside cover - where you could glue up/ write in your
> business card/name-email/whatsoever notes.

Hmm, you mean a Chapter titled: 'Need More help?' Or 'Expanding Your 
Experience!'. I like to use casual headings. No Problem, this is 
something that is not just for the two of us, so obviously, other bodies 
will come in as the booklet evolves. Its open-source.

> Your chapters are awesome, but don't let out our introduction and
> welcoming the user -  what is Fedora, who we are, some infrastructure
> parts and we could continue as you written here.


> I think "pamphlet" is
> must be an little bit thicker brochure. Btw, as for an quick start
> guide we have to provide an small "how to begin" than the "yes you
> have to do so". Mainly I feel that really hard to create an tiny user
> guide that NOT depends from it's GUI - I mean, Gnome, KDE, LXDE - each
> has a very different learning curve, possibilities.

That is another load of work. I think we should focus on one and get it 
done.  Adaptation should be easier especially coming from other 
Ambassadors who major in those distros. They can help with tips and 

So, I think we
> might end up with 4 different versions, and we have to create specific
> and non-specific, and version independent descriptions. Right?

Right :)

> Also I suggest instead of the A5 size, that we MUST choose the CD
> jewel case booklet size, because people love tiny things, and it's
> easy to include next to our discs - even if we design an foldable page
> where you could put in even the disc itself.

Having a CD pocket sounds neat.  I like it

The size of the booklet
> pages are 155x125 mm, and with including the covers can be up to even
> 16-20 pages if we need that.

Well,I was considering production costs.  I always consider the 
possibilities of engaging a local press. While the cost of press may be 
cheaper in some countries, it may not be so in others.

However if we count for each section 2
> full page (one left page what continues on right) with graphics, for
> each chapter, than that could be more then amazing. Also the last page
> can not only include the CD, we could add/attach/glue up at events -
> stickers and small gifts that the user could use it up or give it
> away.

I love this

  So mainly that's why I prefer the booklet version as not only a
> simple gift, else an important as you said an Quick Start Guide.
> I think we have to talk online if possible. Also I think if you could
> create an Gobby session on your machine, an I will connect to you, and
> can we edit together the chapters and the content.

Can we use a wiki for this?  I mean, Gobby looks to me like another 
Geany and I already have Geany. Anyway ... installing Gobby:).  Where do 
files created in Gobby recide ... locally or online?  If local, then how 
do we involve others.

Gobby contains chat
> too, so will be much easier to communicate, and work together if you
> wish. Please, check for me on Freenode, #fedora-ambassadors channel.

> Zoltan
> Nick: zoltanh721
> 2011/3/23 Onyeibo Oku<twohot at fedoraproject.org>:
>> Hello Zoltan
>> I've been thinking.  I think it would be wrong to describe my concept as a
>> Fedora Handbook. Sankarshan's draft seems more appropriate for that because
>> it is broad.  I think we should be discussing a 'Fedora Quick-start'
>> *pamphlet*.  It should focus on basic usage and shouldn't be more than
>> 10-leaves (A5, 20 pages).  Should it be called 'Quick Start' or 'Quick
>> Guide'? .... I don't know, but I hope you get where this is going.
>> 1.It should do a snappy walk-through the installation (anaconda) and guide
>> the user through post-installation. About 2-3 pages should be sufficient for
>> this. We can have graphics overlapping pages.
>> 2. It should introduce the user to the panels (mostly graphics, drawings
>> with numbered leaders and descriptive text).
>> 3. It should briefly guide the user through basic applications that they may
>> not be used to like, Network-Manager, Nautilus, Empathy, Gnote, Rhythmbox,
>> Totem, Brasero, and Evolution.
>> 4. Here the user is introduced to the concept of Repositories and PackageKit
>> for new installations. It should demystify the Terminal and introduce basic
>> BASH commands like yum. For brevity, references should be made to dedicated
>> materials online and the Gnome Help. The guide can use the installation of
>> LibreOffice as an example and talk a bit about LibreOffice (all snappy and
>> very brief). Introduce other packages like GIMP, Paint and Inkscape -- a
>> listing might do.
>> A quick guide to Shutting down follows.  Encourage the User to explore more
>> through the '*Fedora Handbook*' (this is where the handbook come in).

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