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El 29 de marzo de 2011 03:40, Fedora Ambassador Membership Administration <
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> Hi Manuel,
> On 03/29/2011 10:45 AM, Manuel Escudero wrote:
> > Wow... it seems I've been removed as an ambassador, don't know exacly
> why.
> > See a lot of E-mails but not quite sure about what happened, Can someone
> > explain
> > me? What should I do now? Who's my mentor? Exactly Why is this happening?
> I am sorry, we got several complains about Fedora Ambassador Conduct
> Violations while your work as a official representative for the Fedora
> Project, within the Fedora Infrastructure (Fedora Planet)
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Ambassadors/Conduct
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Forbidden_items
> I found them valid (Microsoft and flash posts, wrong technical advice)
> and saw also the recent approach to help you from Maria - who was your
> initial Mentor - to clarify why you should not post forbidden items as
> an Ambassador and to filter that information out of the Fedora
> Infrastructure.
> FAmSCo as the legislative to shape the Conduct and the Forbidden Items
> made the rules.
> I am in charge as the Fedora Ambassador Membership Administrator, if you
> want to blame someone personally for the decission itself, i am
> accountable for that decission!
> You are NOT removed from the Ambassadors Group - you are back in
> mentoring state, because we think you are a valuable contributor but
> need some more mentoring about the duties of a official Spokesman for
> the Fedora Project. We have a own conduct which restricts ourself as
> long as we act as Fedora Ambassadors. As "normal" Contributor of course
> you have every freedom to post legal content you want. As Ambassador you
> should filter forbidden items this was told you already as far as i am
> informed.
> kind regards Joerg
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> Fedora Ambassador Membership Administration
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@jsimon: Don't know What to say, speechless...
Wrong technical advice? is this because of the discussion
with that "Cristoph" guy? Oh!, never tought there were this kind of
intolerant people inside the Linux Communities Ecosystem...

Did you read all the Mails?

First of all, the technical advise I give to people is always tested first
by me
and I always explain what it does, PROS, CONS, everything. The people have
choice, I always ensure they knowing what they're doing, and my advices

But okey... ┬┐Microsoft and Flash posts? (Oh yeah, this is because of the
Cristoph guy...)
Well, my "Windows 7 post" was created because I tought some fedora users
with VM's might be
interested in knowing how to tweak the horrible appereance of seven in their
VM's, because
THERE ARE Fedora users with Windows 7 in their VM's, I'm one of them.

Flash posts? Of course I make flash posts... Any "Normal user", no matter
what platform they use,
USE FLASH you know? Sorry, but "Gnash" it's not mature enough... I just want
to say, Why would
I advice my users to use something that don't fit their needs because it's
"more free" than other alternative?

People have CHOICE, and that's why they use Linux, Windows, MacOS, or don't
know, they wear jeans some days...
I don't want to be a Fedora Ambassador if it means "become intolerant and a
radical fanatic of free software, telling people
to avoid using their choice right"...

Some people talk about Linux trolls, communty segmentation, Hate Between
users, but if I came to Fedora
is because I tought here, the thing would be different that the way the
world is used to see Linux communities...

I'm kinda dissapointed with what I found... I use Linux because I love
freedom and of course free software,
But freedom isn't about telling people what to do in their own benefit
(example use Linux instead of Windows, because last one is crap
or: Linux User, Use Gnash because Flash and Adobe are enemies of our
philosophy) Freedom, for me, is about having a Choice of do with
your life whatever you want watching not to hurt other's freedom...

Thinking of Freedom like "Using only Free software and avoiding talking
about our enemies" as some people
like stallman does, is kinda fascist. As I said in other mail to the
Cristoph guy:
it's like criticizing a gay couple with children because they're different
than your family or
not talking/talking bad things about someone just because he/she do not has
your same religious beliefs and
you think you're right and he/she is not. In the moment you attack other
people because of the choices they made
or even if you get angry because of that, it doesn't matter how "free" your
cause is, because, due to your radicalism
you're shrinking people's freedom without even realizing it.

Fascism has drove humankind to their darkest hours in their history, with
characters like Hitler. Respect the
lifes of other members and having a little more open mind would be the first
principle/rule of ANY Linux Community,
Because Linux is about REAL FREEDOM, Not the definition of Freedon that a
little group of radical people have...

I'm not going to be a Fedora Ambassador to tell the people to shrink their
I WANT to be a Fedora Ambassador to tell them, "You have Choice, Use Linux
and Fedora"...

What is happening here with me, it's kinda unfair, but not going to argue
with people that
don't even Know me...

Have a Nice Day.

P.S. Yep, Maria Told me, I Tried to delete the post from the planet but I
wasn't able
to do That... Nobody told me how to do that, cristoph guy and now you just
sat on their chairs
and start throwing this crap at me...

All this "filth" is coming to me in hard times in my life right now, many
bad luck and problems
lately, I don't even want to fight you anymore... GoodBye.

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