[Ambassadors] request for schedule FAmSCo Town Halls

Neville A. Cross neville at taygon.com
Sun May 15 03:59:34 UTC 2011


There has been a delay to set up Town Halls for Fedora Ambassadors. We
want to correct this as soon as possible. We can take advantage that
FAmSCo has members spread all over the world and will be easy to
acommodate schedule for each region.

I took the liberty of chossing a tool for trying to find which time will
be best for each region.  I just marked my times, but do not pay
attention as others FAmSCo members will mark their options later. The
slots that get most votes will be used. We will communicate on the
mailing list the results.

Town Hall for North America and Latin America

Town Hall for Europe, Middle East and Africa

Town Hall for Asia and Pacific

I any case we will run three town halls, so if one set up on your
regions does not fit your schedule, and you want to express yourself,
feel free to join any other town hall.

Best regards

Linux User # 473217

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