[Ambassadors] FAmSCo meeting minutes - 2011-05-14

Igor Pires Soares igorsoares at gmail.com
Mon May 16 14:36:37 UTC 2011

Em Dom, 2011-05-15 às 00:28 +0530, Buddhika Chandradeepa Kurera
> Hello,
> Yes, as per the election rules election is required only if the number
> of vacant seats increases upto 3 or more.[1]
> An election is not required at this moment. 
> But I believe giving the opportunity to another Ambassador is good
> rather than keeping it as vacant.
> Ultimately it will simplify others work as well.
> Therefore we can select the next one on the row for the vacant seats.
> Ideas welcome :).

IMHO we should keep the current rules in the short term. I don't think
it is nice to change the rules while we are playing the game. If someone
established the current rules is probably because there was a discussion
and an agreement on not requiring a new election unless 3 or more
members resign.

I do think the current situation opens a good discussion to improve
things for next terms. IMHO the current rules are good enough. Even if
we consider Rahul's absence we still have sufficient members. If we
should remove or not a member who is absent for a long time, it is
another question also worth it.

Igor Pires Soares
Fedora Ambassador (Brazil) - Member of FAmSCo
Fedora I18N/L10N QA

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