[Ambassadors] Congratulations to FUDcon Panamá 2011

María Leandro tatica at fedoraproject.org
Mon May 30 04:58:02 UTC 2011


>From the calm of the villas,while I wait for my flight back home, I would
like to congratulate the Panamá Team for such an incredible job organizing
and bringing to fruition a great FUDcon 2011.

Success is not an accident  (or does not happen on it's own), it triumphs by
sheer perserverance to overcome obstacles that pop-up on the road (or that
get always occur), present to us and keeps an exclusive spot for those who
complete the excellence road.; Alejandro and his amazing team have archieved
not only to get to this spot, but also take a step further of what we

An example of constance and unity is what we lived at FUDcon Panamá and from
this couch I leave here my most sincere congratulations and a message of
admiration; is because of people like you that we do what we do; people that
are able to take a challenge with a great smile and their soul open to turn
the world into a better society using technology as our tool. Once again,
Congratulations muchachos.


Maria Gracia Leandro
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"Be yourself... Don't be anyone else"
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