[Ambassadors] [event report] Journées Du Logiciel Libre 2011 - Lyon (France)

H. Guémar karlthered2 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 21 22:29:29 UTC 2011


>From Friday 18th to Saturday 19th, the French community was
represented at the 13th edition of "les Journées du Logiciel Libre"
(Free Software Days  in French) in Lyon, France.
This was also the first time, that we -French ambassadors- were there
under our new name: Borsalinux-FR.
The event main theme was the cloud computing.

Behind the booth:
* Benoit Marcellin (sereinity) - Fedora ambassador
* Kévin Raymond (shaiton) - Fedora ambassador (which we thank for
bringing the kakemono)
* Yann Bollard-Fedon - a regular from Fedora-Lyon
* Haïkel Guémar (number80) - Fedora Monkey (that would be me)

As we didn't get the F16 media, we had to distribute the remaining F14/15 ones.
Among our friend communities: Mageia, OpenSUSE French community (OMG,
i hadn't seen a living french openSUSE user for years, but two !),
ubuntu-lyon, gnome-fr, jabber-fr, LibreOffice, L'April (the main
French speaking Free Software advocate association), Centreon,
OpenStreetMap, Fusion Inventory, Fusion Directory etc ...

We had our share of interesting conferences
* A legendary conference battle between Didier Untz and Vincent Roche
(from GNOME fame): Unity vs GNOME3
* Benjamin Bayard (a famous french network neutrality advocate) was present
* A lot of conferences around OpenSUSE
* industrialization of FOSS projects (mine !)
* and lots more

There were many labs from how to help OpenStreetMap to installing an
Asterisk server, etc...

It was also the occasion to meet the local community and to
share/troll with the friend communities.

>From the packaging front, i'm currently helping "Salut à Toi" (a kewl
XMPP client) maintainer to get his project packaged in Fedora.
Fusion Directory (a web interface to manage your information system -
a fork of GoSA-) guys are looking for perl packagers help to package
their application and the missing dependencies.

We also celebrated the 15 years of April and the ten years of
Framasoft (another french-speaking free software advocate association)

I'd like to thank François Trachez (gnu69) who couldn't make it here
this year but who helped us a lot to maintain a Fedora booth during
JDLL during the past years. Buen viaje companero !

best regards,

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