[Ambassadors] Fedora is the 2º most used Linux s ystem

Onyeibo Oku twohotis at gmail.com
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Is this really a topic for Ambassadors list? This should be pursued at the source i.e. Gnome-designers and fedora desktop group. Personally, I find your position too relative (as in, pertaining to personal preferences rather than absolute (based on result of tested scenarios) ... And those scenarios being hypothetical and subjected to testing during development stage). Which experts do you refer to?

I find Gnome3 easier to use and I have been using Gnome2 from F11. I don't think its perfect but I appreciate the direction and would rather suggest ways of improving what is ... As long as its in the direction of the future.  Change is around us. We either adapt or die ... If the Linux community is concerned about decline in usage in favour of other Linux solutions then I'm left in wonder - because that is not really a loss. And what does it profit if the circle is comprised of a clique of old GUI purists and new people are brewing outside the fence?
Finally, this kind of thread has the potential to go sour and noisy. This is simply not the forum for it.

from twohot at device.mobile :)

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On Sun, 2011-11-27 at 11:37 -0100, Nuno Rodrigues Rodrigues wrote:

> According to experts, this decline may be explained by the
> introduction of the Unity interface in Ubuntu for users new to Linux,
> is more complicated than the GNOME version 3, still used in other
> distributions from the top of the table."
Distrowatch always shows high ranking when new distro is released. Just
wait for the next Ubuntu release.. Unfortunately.

And according my personal knowledge (by all the friends and other Fedora
users who I know or where I have been installing Fedora) Gnome 3 is
lacking a lot and I have installed mostly the XFCE spin. This is due the
Gnome 3.x's really poor user interface, it's modifiability and highly
unergonomic window management.
Good (or maybe bad) news is that all the Ubuntu users who I know are
totally annoyed about Unity also and they want their old style Gnome 2.x

Roughly I would say, I've been installing, less than 20% Gnome and more
than 80% XFCE. All of them because people want their old style Gnome
back and XFCE is the easiest way to get the same feeling.

I seriously would think if Gnome right way to proceed for Fedora? At
least I say NO -it is not! We should think about something else to be a
default desktop. Personally I also switched into the XFCE spin from F14
after I had skipped F15 entirely!

I am really sad, because this is not Fedoras fault. I _love_ Fedora but
I do hate Gnome 3 which is going 10 years back on usability for me. Just
being nice looking is not enough.


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