[Ambassadors] FAmSCo'a agenda (was Re: famsco meeting minutes)

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 19 22:44:25 UTC 2011

Am Samstag, den 15.10.2011, 08:26 -0600 schrieb Neville A. Cross:
> Minutes:
> http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2011-10-15/fedora-meeting.2011-10-15-13.18.html
> Minutes (text):
> http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2011-10-15/fedora-meeting.2011-10-15-13.18.txt
> Log:
> http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2011-10-15/fedora-meeting.2011-10-15-13.18.log.html

Dear FAmSCo, 

please make sure to look at the ambassadors schedule in *every* meeting.
It is kind of disappointing that you only discussed a single topic when
there are enough other things on your agenda.

According to
we currently have the following todo items:

      * "FAmSCo and Regional teams call for Preparation of Media/SWAG"
        overdue, didn't happen AFAICS, the regional teams organized it
        by themselves.

      * "FAmSCo heads Ambassador Wide Meetings Preparing For Fedora 16"
        overdue, never happened AFAICS.

      * "FAmSCo Coordinate Media/Swag/Poster artwork with Design team"
        overdue, didn't happen, Sirko Kemper (gnokii) took over.

      * "FAmSCo and Regional Teams Call for Release Events"
        overdue, didn't happen, so I just took over

      * "FAmSCo Review Budget Allocations"
        All I know is that the EMEA media budget was approved, but I
        don't think it was ever discussed by FAmSCo. I agree this is not
        your fault because the budget is higher than FAmSCo's limit for
        approval, nevertheless it should at least be discussed and give
        a recommendation.

      * "FAmSCo Regional IRC town halls"
        should already have started, nothing happened so I just took
        over to get the ball rolling.

Please correct me if I am wrong. I find it hard to believe that none of
the items on FAmSCo's agenda was done, at least not by FAmSCo.

I hope the next FAmSCo will change this and be more visible to the
community of ambassadors.

Kind regards,

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