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Great ideas, actually I really like the point you are bringing up with 10
FAms for region.
It is time to make the country wise contribution strong and hence make the
regional support strong.
Every FAm should make sure that they have building up their community in
their Cities, Countries.
That is what is know as Divide and Conquer :)

One thing we can use to make regional communities strong, we can use
Regional meetings. In APAC we host one meeting per week.
That helps us to keep the track of all the things happening under the
sun. Personally I believe; mentors should play a major role and
should emphasize the importance of those when newbies are stepping in to the

More ideas make the journey smoother and perfect, so we need ideas to shape
the next leadership body for the Fedora Project.

On Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 12:50 AM, Max Spevack <mspevack at fedoraproject.org>wrote:

> Hi Ambassadors,
> It's been a few months now since I no longer had an active role in the
> resource side of Fedora Ambassadors, and even longer since I was a
> formal member of FAMSCO.
> Even so, I wanted to take a few moments to write about some of the
> topics that I'd like to see FAMSCO take a look at over the next year, in
> order to make sure that Ambassadors overall is healthy, and to make sure
> that FAMSCO itself is providing value to the Fedora community at large.
> I've organized my thoughts into a few categories:
> For each region (NA, LATAM, EMEA, India, APAC), make sure you can list
> out 10 Ambassadors who are obviously go-to leaders in that region.
> Folks who are active on the list, organizing and coordinating events,
> keeping resources flowing, mentoring contributors, etc.  Make sure that
> someone on FAMSCO making a personal connection with each of those people
> at least once per month, for a private IRC chat or a phone call.  If you
> can't come up with 10 names in a region, treat that as a red flag and
> work with the folks who are active and leaders in that region to reach
> out to other members of the FOSS community.
> Come up with a list of 5-7 basic things that FAMSCO wants to ensure
> exist for Ambassadors across the globe, and make sure it exists, working
> with and in the regional Ambassador groups to do so.
> Some possibilities:
> * HOWTOs for event organization
> * HOWTOs for media production and event kits
> * Budget guidance and categories that need approval, that don't need
> approval, etc.
> * List of the 5 most important non-FUDCon and non-FAD events in the
> region, and ensure they have owners and budget.
> * etc.
> Here's an idea that I have given the boring name of 3x3.  The goal --
> each Ambassador's goal is to introduce (or re-energize) 3 contributors
> to 3 different parts of the Fedora Project.  Find these folks, mentor
> them into different parts of Fedora, introduce them to the Fedora
> community on your blog or mailing list as part of the 3x3 challenge, and
> then make sure that they are having some success in the part of Fedora
> that they have joined.  Set aside some funding to incent people who are
> embracing this challenge (either current or new contributors) with
> sponsorships for FUDCons or FADs.
> Make sure that the regional Ambassador credit card program is still
> working, and not having any issues in terms of bill payment by Red Hat.
> Consider expanding the program by another 1 or 2 people, and work with
> Red Hat's Fedora leadership to determine the best way to do this.
> Keep a wiki page that lists every expense that could *not* be paid with
> the community credit cards, and work with Red Hat's Fedora leadership to
> figure out how to get those reimbursed in other ways.  This wiki page
> can be as simple as a list of trac tickets.
> Make sure that there is a reimbursment SLA that is followed by the
> community credit card holders and Red Hat's Fedora leadership who are
> able to reimburse.  Collaborate w/ Red Hat to come up with a good policy
> here.
> --Max
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