[Ambassadors] Fedora Weekly News: needing invigoration

Pascal Calarco pvcalarco at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Oct 24 20:05:51 UTC 2011

Hi folks -

We are more than a month since we have had enough content for another issue of FWN, and so I thought I would post openly to the News, Ambassadors, and Marketing lists, asking for some dialogue around this, and seeking some new contributors, perhaps.

Fedora Weekly News is a very important vehicle for letting both the Fedora community and the external Linux community, know what the happenings are with the Fedora Project.  FWN has been around for many years and is a trusted brand that the community looks forward to each week.

Writing for FWN is definitely a time commitment, on a weekly basis, and so its understandable that FWN's volunteer beat writers sometimes have a hard time contributing on that regular a basis.

But, if we don't have writers for FWN, we don't have content to produce an issue, and the community loses the vibrant voice that they have relied on in the past.

Do you have suggestions for making FWN an easier time commitment?  Should we consider moving FWN to a biweekly frequency for some beats that don't have enough content for a weekly beat?

So, I would like to hear from both current beat writers to FWN, and community members that perhaps would like to get involved as a writer for FWN.  The bar is not high for participation.  You basically need to have:

1) Continuing interest and passion in the Fedora Project, perhaps on some particular aspect or subproject that you'd like to write on
2) A bit of familiarity with Mediawiki tagging and conventions, and the Fedora Project wiki Style Guide
3) A Commitment to produce a beat on more or less weekly basis

Thanks for your time and consideration! I look forward to hearing from some of you and your ideas to make FWN a viable and vibrant media vehicle for the Fedora Project again.  

- Pascal

Pascal Calarco
Co-Editor, Fedora Weekly News 
Fedora Ambassador, Ontario, Canada

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