[Ambassadors] A very quick event report Festival of Cergy's associations 2011

Kaesar ALNIJRES akajava1 at gmail.com
Sat Sep 3 18:48:38 UTC 2011

This is a quick report about the Festival of 
Cergy's associations.

I am really tired after this event, but wanted to 
deliver some hot news.

Every year there are a lot of organizations that 
participate in this event, about 300. All sort of 
organizations (non-profit), education, sport, 
universities, associations for young people, 
retired, or for children. All booths are in a big 
parc, each in a separate tent.This Saturday the 
sun was chinning and it was a little bit hot, an 
ideal situation to have the maximum of visitors. I 
have announced my association's booth, Fedora User 
Group Cergy, and Fedora 15 DVS, in many local 
medias, some weeks ago.

I arrived there at about 9.30 am, we were two 
persons. A big surprise were there, there were 3 
visitors waiting for their Fedora Live DVD.

We began at once to prepare the booth for the 
event. We had a Fedora poster, some banners, 
Fedora's live DVDs, some decorations and gift 
(T-Shirts, Caps, mugs, stylos, goodies, ...).

There were a lot of people interested by Fedora. 
Many of them had read about Fedora 15, and wanted 
to test it. Most of them are students, some 
discovered Fedora for the first time. Some Linux 
users were there just to have a little talk, about 
Fedora and Linux

There were a lot of Windows users, they think that 
Linux installation is difficult for them. After a 
little discussion about how easy is to install 
Fedora, and the possibility to discover Fedora 
without any prior installation using the live DVD, 
these people were interested in trying Fedora. 
Many Windows users think that using Fedora or 
generally Linux is easy, the most difficult for 
them is to install it, especially without losing 
their data.

There were also some of other Linux distributions 
users, they read about Fedora 15 on the Web, or in 
magazines, and are also very interested in trying 
Fedora 15.

I also visited some other booths to promote Fedora

I think that globally this event was really 
positive, with many interesting contacts. I 
distributed about 100 Fedora's DVD. A local radio 
will invite me to talk about Fedora and Fedora 
User Group of Cergy. I met at least 150 persons, 
most of the time in groups, in other booths. I 
have contact with two universities, here in Cergy 
for an install party, next year.

The Mayor of Cergy (60.000 habitation) visited the 
booth and was happy to have a Linux User Group in 
his town.

At last, but not the least, i have now 10 users 
for Fedora User Group of Cergy.

One last note, there were a question like "why do 
you promote Fedora? Do work for Red Hat?". The 
answer off course was that I'm a Fedora 
Ambassador, and that i'm proud to promote it :)

PS. I'll put some photos on my web site, very 
soon, maybe tomorrow.

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