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Thu Feb 9 10:54:21 UTC 2012

Hello Guys!

Today in our LATAM meeting we talk about this topic and I believe that if
several projects are pointing to share though video is because *is the
right way to take*... now, even if like Abdel say, are different projects,
I think we can join our forces and defeat the text side...

Now. Lets see those points we have in common and things we could do

* All projects want to make people stop reading and start interacting with
new resources (videos)
* We can use a unique plattform to upload either videos or videoconferences
recordings (which are important)
* Share knowledge

I have tried BBB and is really awesome, however, I'm not sure if Infra team
will push this is we don't make it work before. What are my recommendations:

we can start with G-Hangout or any service already online. Mostly,
because we need to see if people is interested not only in the idea, but
also on be part of this. How can we do this?

I will be having a couple of meetings through Hangout (some for videos and
other related stuff) and we can go through there, set a weekly time/date
and start meetings there with random topics. Is a way to push people to see
each other before set up an infra that we don't know if people will use
-since begining-.

To make this project work, just like videos is happening, we need to see
commitment... that's stage one :)

Constantin, I would love if you can join us at #Fedora-Design at 1530UTC
(in about... 4:30h) and share some ideas with the Videos team.

See ya all!

2012/2/8 Abdel G. Martínez L. <abdel.g.martinez.l at gmail.com>

> Hello Kévin.
> I have read about the videotutorial initiative and I consider that this
> project is a little different.  The main idea of ​​this project is to have a
> platform (supported by Fedora) that allows us to make videoconferences, a
> new form of Fedora events where people from all over the world can participate
> in local events in other countries and why not have the possibility of
> creating transnational events.
> It is a great idea to have that temp video files saved on the Fedora
> Videos project.  Maybe I could start creating some guidelines for the
> videoconferences.
> This is the link of the BBB project:
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BigBlueButton
> This is the tutorial for installing on Fedora (depreciated):
> http://code.google.com/p/bigbluebutton/wiki/InstallingBigBlueButtonFedora
> Hope this informations helps.  Expecting opinions and comments...
> Regards.
> 2012/2/8 Kévin Raymond <shaiton at fedoraproject.org>
>> Le mardi 07 févr. 2012 à 13:15:09 (+0000), Constantin DRABO a écrit :
>> > Hi guys,
>> >
>> > Abdel (fas:potty) and I  Constantin(fas:
>> > pandaconstantin) have an interesting project that we would like to
>> submit
>> > to you.
>> > The main objective of the project is to share knowledges and
>> experiences on
>> > Fedora from experienced contributors and ambassadors with local
>> communities.
>> >
>> > *Objective of the project : *
>> > - Share knowledges on Fedora Project and FOSS with local communities
>> from
>> > experienced contributors
>> > - Increase the number of qualified contributors
>> > - revitalize dying SIGs
>> > - Help to "give a name to the face" of community members
>> > - concretize idea from Abdel ( a answer to Maria Leandro on a
>> ambassadors
>> > mailling list thread posted on  feb. 2).
>> >
>> > *How we will do ?*
>> > We have choosen a visioconference plateform called BigBlueButton
>> > http://www.bigbluebutton.org/. <http://www.bigbluebutton.org/>
>> >
>> > *What we need ? : *
>> > The implementation of the solution requiers a server be hosted on a
>> > physical server. As a tool of the community, we would like it to be
>> host on
>> > a server of Fedora Project.
>> > We will need also consumers  (ambassadors, developers, translators,
>> etc) !
>> >
>> >
>> > Constantin Drabo
>> >
>> Hi, That is really interesting.
>> What are the BBB dependencies (java, pyhton…?) What are the bandwidth
>> needs? What about the disk space?
>> That could rapidly be an expensive platform.
>> Could also be used as fedora classroom.
>> Could we add external video in this platform? (In France, we have
>> started to build a page providing video and its corresponding
>> sideshow (still looking for hosting)).
>> There is an other project that has started, "video tutorials".
>> Please read the wiki page[1].
>> We should probably have only one platform for those needs.
>> I am  not sure that the infra will provide us a physical machine for
>> that, could we think about a VM and hosting facilities under
>> archives.org or other free online services?
>> Do BBB is able to record a talk in a temp folder, stream it, and then
>> send it to an hosted storage? (That should not be too difficult).
>> [1]
>> https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=User:Niteshnarayan/video_tutorials
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