[Ambassadors] IRC meeting tonight

inode0 inode0 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 04:11:11 UTC 2012

On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 4:54 PM, mario juliano grande balletta
<mario.balletta at gmail.com> wrote:
> my apologies everyone, i will not be able to make the meeting, work
> kiboshed my evening!

We missed you!

> john (inode0) can you please represent me tonight?  my input for the
> meeting is in this email and another with the frisbee design!  thank
> you sir!

I did my best.

> but i did send email with the sample frisbee design, so i hope
> everyone has a chance to look at it and form an opinion, obviously it
> can be customized and there are smaller ones too!

I replied to that message with some feedback about the process to
follow to make them happen.

> also, i did research the 23 inch all-in-one touch screen slim desktops
> from Dell and Toshiba, here are some points to consider:
> 1) factory outlet / refurbished are much cheaper than new models
> 2) AMD is the way to go save more $$$$
> 3) the average price im seeing is between 400 and 900 dollars
> depending on inventory in the outlet
> 4) free shipping is available
> 5) i am willing to purchase one, install F16 and use it for events

We have an open trac ticket on this and I think I'll add you to it so
you can follow up there. I think our biggest concern more than cost is
that Fedora multi-touch features work really well on it.

> my next item of business for this evening.....
> the northeast linux fest
> a) i need a table cover, i asked for one in a ticket, it may not be
> available, i am willing to purchase if someone can tell me who our
> vendor is, i will order a few and share

I fixed up your trac ticket requests. The tablecloth should be inside
the event box and once you provide a shipping address in the ticket we
can get that shipped to you.

> b) i need stand-up banners with the four foundations, extremely
> important for the type crowd at this event, let me know how to obtain
> or how to buy

We'll ship the banners too, also waiting in the same ticket for a
shipping address.

> c) i would like to order fedora shirts for the event as well, i
> created tickets for these items but am worried i will be supplied or
> on time, so how do i get shirts on my own?

We have shirts and can get them to you in time. It helps us a lot if
you can put rough numbers on swag requests. If you want 100 t-shirts
that will be a problem but 20 or 30 we can probably just send.

> thank you, those are the only items i have for this meeting, i will
> catch up on email, thank you for your patience everybody!  i
> appreciate it!

We all look forward to seeing you next week. Feel free to email me or
catch me on IRC if you have any questions or need some help with


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