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Hello Ambassadors !! ; One of our  member create welcome section for
"Fedora Video" She can't send a mail list because ;  still not member of
ambbassadors. That's why I send her mail; please check and leave your
idea(s) and comment(s). :)

Thank you

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Sarah White <graphitefriction at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have drafted a welcome section for the Fedora Videos wikipage
> (https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Videos). I also pasted the text below.
> Send me any suggestions and ideas for improving it (or find me on
> irc:graphite6) or edit, rearrange, or build on the sections directly
> on the wikipage. Also let me know if I totally didn't understand the
> task as it was discussed in the meeting last Thursday, and I'll start
> over.
> While writing the section I had a couple questions:
> 1. Are podcasts (only audio) or slidedecks (no audio) included in this
> project? I'm not precisely sure what types of media "video" includes.
> 2. Are the videos strictly 'how-tos' and tutorials or will we consider
> any submission that talks about fedora in some way?
> 3. I know we will have broad categories for browsing, but what about
> someone who is specifically looking for a video on how to set up their
> xx for xx with xx? I.e. Is there going to be a way to search the
> library?
> Cheers,
> Sarah
> Wikipage sections:
> Open source video tutorials for the community. By the community.
> Welcome to the Fedora Community video library of the best screencasts
> and tech talks created to teach you about Fedora. Here you will find
> the resources to help you confidently install Fedora, navigate and
> customize your desktop, and master the multitude of mature and
> cutting-edge open source applications it runs.
> Discover how to harness your productivity and unleash your creativity
> from people just like you who use Fedora everyday both professionally
> and personally. The resources are right here to guide you to your next
> goal. The community is eager for you to join them.
> A Solution. An Adventure.
> Just ask yourself one question, “What do I want to accomplish today?”
> Here are some ideas:
> I just discovered Fedora. How do I install it? I’ve installed it, now
> where are the applications? Can I customize my desktop, and if so,
> how?
> I’m not sure how to capture video with my webcam. Can someone show me,
> step by step, how to set it up and share the recording?
> I’m a developer. What tools are available on Fedora for Python? Does
> Fedora provide a web server with PHP? How do I set up Ruby on Rails so
> that I can create a web application? Where do I find more Gems, Eggs,
> Pears and Modules?
> I use Evolution and have an idea for an improvement. Can I contact
> Evolution’s developers? Could I even participate in designing a
> feature for the next version?
> I want to talk about Fedora. How do I share my blog with the Fedora
> Community?
> Browse the categories below and explore all the possibilities Fedora
> has to offer. (If you already know what you’re looking for, use the
> search (Is there going to be a search feature?)). Can’t find a video
> that matches your needs? Let the community know.
> Whether you're looking at your Fedora desktop as a gateway to an
> exciting new adventure or you already know what you want to do and
> just need instructions, Fedora videos can help you complete your goals
> today and in the future.
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