[Ambassadors] meeting logs for famsco meeting 2012-01-04

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Thu Jan 5 00:01:27 UTC 2012

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> We just finished our weekly meeting, and here is the log:
> http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2012-01-04/famsco_meeting_2012-01-04.2012-01-04-22.01.html

While driving home I gave more thought to ticket 246 which was
considered during today's meeting. Here are some thoughts from someone
who has been involved in various subsidy decisions over the past
several years.

While $1800USD is a large amount for a single person's subsidy there
have been a few occasions where a request of around that amount has
been granted in the past so I wouldn't want to reject it solely based
on the amount of the request. Things to consider include the
importance of this event to Fedora (and this is an unusual event
location for Fedora which I think does make it an important event) and
some evaluation of what value this particular person brings to the
event. So I read the subsidy request again


and I also read what information we expect in such requests again


As we look over the criteria we have agreed to use when deciding
subsidy requests in this case my biggest question is *what* does the
requester plan to do at the event? Deliver a keynote? Hang around a
booth? I have no idea from the ticket what is planned or what value
that activity might have for Fedora.

So in this case (as with probably the majority of subsidy requests I
see) I would ask the requester to carefully read the information above
outlining what we consider when sponsoring event attendees and to
update the ticket with the missing information critical to your making
a sound decision.

If the information I'm not seeing was provided outside the ticket to
FAmSCo ignore me with respect to this ticket, although I did not hear
any discussion about that information during the meeting and I think
this might be a useful reminder to others requesting subsidies in the


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