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Hi Ambassadors,

On 9th and 10th July 2012, Malaysia Open Source Conference (MOSC)
2012[1] was held in Berjaya Time Square Hotel and Convention Center[2],
Kuala Lumpur, and we are from Fedora Malaysia[3] get the oppurtunity to
open our booth in to promote Fedora in that event.

Me(jurankdankkal) and Khairul Anwar (kull) organize the booth and Izhar
Firdaus (Kagesenshi) help to set up the booth at 8th July.

The participants were about 300 people, in the early morning our booth
still quiet, maybe because our booth is not interseted, we don't have
anything on the table except my laptop to Demo Fedora, some swags (pin and
keychain) over FUDconKL and several fliers about Fedora Malaysia, we do not
have time to produce swags it's caused the event organizers offer to us
near the event will be held, our booth are crowded after lunch and
continued until evening, when the Fedora 17 Live CD are sent from the Red
Hat Singapore finally arrived, the people who came to our booth a variety
from Fedora user, Open Source developers, system administrators,
entrepreneurs, CIOs, CTOs, expert users, strategists and enthusiasts
and even that the people does not know anything about what is Linux/Open

They are very interested in the presence of Fedora in MOSC, because on
average they are a user of Ubuntu and Windows, we explained to them that
come to our booth about the latest features in Fedora 17, why they should
try to use Fedora and many more also answered their question about Fedora.

Because of the limitations of CD's sent around 200 for that time, we only
give to people who really are interested in trying to use Fedora, so now we
still have around 70 CD left.

There are some good statement from the people who came to our booth :
1. I want to take a LPI exam, is there any training about Linux the Fedora
Malaysia organize, we hope Fedora Malaysia can come to our campus and give
us about Linux training, and we can provide what  Fedora Malaysia need,
because our campus is really interseted to learn about Linux and Fedora
2. Good job for Fedora, so many improvement I have seen since the last time
I'm used Fedora Core and must move to windows because of the demands of
work, and I think I'll go back to try Fedora with this Fedora 17 Live CD.
3. Hopefully Fedora Malaysia can make the event even more to spread Fedora
in Malaysia, as most people know that Linux is Ubuntu.

An this is a questions from some people who do not know Fedora/Linux/Open
Source :
1. Aah, Facebook are here. (Because Fedora logo is F with blue color)
2. Wow, Fedora Desktop (Gnome 3.4) looks like the iphone, can I do it like
a touchscreen?
3. Why you can give this CD free and no need the Serial Number, like Suse
Enterprise also give us the CD, or this is just a trial?
4. If I want to install this, how I can install this in my windows, just
like to run exe program?
5. I am a Ubuntu user, which you think the best I compare Ubuntu with

Aside Fedora malaysia, there are also other open source communities such as
Mozilla, Debian, Ubuntu, BSD/NAS, Puppet, Suse Enterprise, Open Suse,
Drupal, and many more.

Photo are in my Gallery[4].

Full Report in my blog[5] and Fedora Malaysia Portal[6]

Links :







*Best Regards,*

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