[Ambassadors] [EMEA] Attention, this note can save your installation from Fedora 17 Multi Install DVD

Jiri Eischmann eischmann at redhat.com
Wed Jul 25 17:37:32 UTC 2012

Álvaro Castillo píše v St 25. 07. 2012 v 00:07 +0100:
> Hi folks!
> I get few times ago, a 100DVD Multi Install DVD
> However, I cannot boot none archs because cannot find kernel file.
> Because on isolinux.cfg file has got +0 on vmlinuz and initrd.
> You need select your arch favourite, and delete 0 on vmlinuz and
> initird.img, and happy boot.
> Greetings!

This is unfortunately true :-/ I found it out today. ISOs for Fedora
media in EMEA are not a subject of QA which we saw as a potential
problem... which apparently became an actual problem.
I've already spoken with Fedora QA guys and they're willing to test it
before it goes out.
The reason why we didn't test it for Fedora 17 is that the Internet
connection in our office is really slow and it would take like two days
to download ISOs for Fedora media and we were under time pressure
because everyone expect us deliver media ASAP not to miss release
Nevertheless, we'll try to find some solution for Fedora 18 because ISOs
for Fedora media are also our product and currently are not tested which
is not good.


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