[Ambassadors] Leaving of Fedora Project

Jukka Palander jukka at devspain.com
Thu Aug 29 07:53:41 UTC 2013

>I have taken a decision to leaving of Fedora Project, for differents
>reasons. I save a good stories on bit time, but I don't agree some
>things of this project.

Álvaro, I think there are not a single person in the Fedora project who
likes or agrees _ALL_ of the project "things".

At least I don't agree on quite many things. Still, I feel it is best
way to help by staying in the group and trying to spread Fedora. This is
because more Fedora "out there" means more knowledge and more ambitious
people "in here".

Also, we have to remember that many things "around" Fedora (also those
what we possibly do not agree) are not part of the Fedora project. They
are just part of the Fedora (by packaging) but developed around separate
projects and separate agreements. Ie. Gnome what I liked a lot in
version 2.x and I have been hating since 3.x. Also there are some things
I do not agree in example on Freemedia Project. Still it is a good
project with really good idea so I keep staying there so far I can.
-Big picture matters for me!

So, Álvaro, I really hope you stay with Fedora even if you do not stay
in Fedora Ambassadors and/or any other part of the Fedora project. If
you think Fedora is a good OS, keep using it and keep talking about it.

I hope all the best for you.


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