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> Yes. Looks like I'm on a different page entirely. With all due respect,
> there's quite a huge margin between the funds required to hold a FAD in
> EMEA, and a FAD in APAC. I'm not certain, but I think the travel funding
> required for folks in EMEA would be a lot less than the funds APAC would
> require, since each of us will take international flights to and fro the
> venue.

Thanks for your comment here.
However, I think, we should try out to make a plan and budget estimation
before having the final decision.

> > I do not against other things you mentioned in your last message. But
> > I think other goals should be solved in another separated FAD.
> > They would be fine to solve in this FAD, but it's more difficult to
> > organize a FAD with more different goals.
> I would prefer a FAD that's gets some development work done.

I am interested too. Let us go ahead to make it happen.
I would be also fine if it could be organized in the same time and
location as our in-planning FAD.

> I think the
> ambassadorial process is clear enough already: from event planning to
> reimbursements. Any issues that crop up can be handled satisfactorily
> over the IRC or mailing list.

As I mentioned, the main goal is not for making process(es), but it is
for making the plan.
Of course, we can (and must) make plans and share with others online as
this year. But AFAICS, there are some issues in the current process for
making APAC Ambassadors Annual Work Plan:
 - The details of events/activities are not clear enough. In most cases,
they do not run as planned, even they do not run, actually.
 - Events/activities are per country, no regional or international
collaborative ones.

By meeting face-to-face, we can discuss much more to have more detailed
about events/activities then I hope we can solve those issues to make a
better plan for Ambassadors work next year.

Of course, organizing an offline event need more budget than only
online working but it could save us lot of money when having a better
plan, I believe that. The next year(s), I hope our work would be better
and better.

> I'm not in favour of an Ambassadorial FAD. Sorry :/

Thank for your opinions.

Btw, anyone who are interested in attending this FAD for Ambassadors
Annual Work Plan for FY2014, please say out your ideas.

Kind regards,

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