[Ambassadors] [Event Report] Fedora 18 Release Party, Malang, Indonesia

Teguh DC dheche at songolimo.net
Wed Feb 6 03:49:46 UTC 2013

MALANG - Saturday, February 2, 2013.

Two Local Linux community from Malang, KOLAM (Malang Linux Community) and
KaliUMM (Linux Community from Muhammadiyah University), collaborate to
arrange the Fedora 18 release party.
Release party theme this time was the cow, that's why this time we have a
party at De Nin's Super Steak. Yes, this time we will feast on steak and
milk. Eh, but it's actually not just steak, here we also provide some
snacks made from raw beef, for example beef spaghetti bolognese and others.

Without much further ado, the event was opened by Dita who invited both
community organizers to introduce himself. After this introductory session,
continued by the Dana from the KaliUMM who review the Fedora 18.

Further material "Raspberry Pi + Fedora" performed by Sigit Nugroho Adi
from KOLAM. Sigit show what Raspberry Pi is and explain the parts of the
Raspi. Then demonstrate raspberry pi have installed Fedora Remix made by
Seneca's Centre for Development of Open Technology.

Continued with Galih Swasono Adi from KaliUMM who presented "Fedora Remix"
and closed by Rachmat Tsalaatsa from KOLAM who presented "OpenShift".

Having completed all of the material presented, the event continued with a
eat and a photo session.

See you in the next Fedora 19 release party "Schrödinger's Cat" :)

More photo albums that can be found at g+ [1] and blog post in Bahasa
Indonesia [2]
In this event, we produce and using generic fedora banner design so we can
reuse for next release party and other fedora events. in addition, we also
produce the multi arch (32 and 64bit) Fedora Live DVD in single DVD and
some fedora stickers.


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