[Ambassadors] Community Credit Card Stats 2012 and some thoughts ; )

Joerg Simon jsimon at fedoraproject.org
Wed Jan 2 20:09:18 UTC 2013

first i want to point out that i value the work that FAmSCo is doing and
if emails sound like criticism it is not meant to discourage anyone! It
is just how i see it ;)

On 02.01.2013 18:32, Christoph Wickert wrote:
> The problem with the FAmSCo reports was that cost is too much time to
> produce them. We didn't discontinue them because we don't think they
> were not important any longer, but simply because it was too much work,
> especially when they were done monthly.

agreed - having quarterly or reports every 6 month to monitor progress
may be a good signal to the Contributors (not our own Ambassadors but
the other groups) to show them the value of the group and that we create
benefit for the project -

> If there is a way to produce
> them easily and it this process is documented, we could think about
> bringing them back.
> Even if we don't, we should have an annual report. 

yep i was referring to yearly reports in the blog-post - please note
that we not only reported numbers but also future goals and achievements -

> You say you don't see our community develop. I don't think this is true,

i did not wrote that - please do not twist my points.
I just wrote that i think we are not good in learning from past mistakes

> Then there is another important number: Money. You are pointing out that
> in the 7 of 2011, community credit card have spend more money for than
> in the complete fiscal year 2012. This is basically the aftermath of Max
> leaving which caused a lot of trouble. 

you may right if you refer to the whole budget situation - does not
apply for the commcards

> This turned out to not me true. In fact we had a lot of money left 

exactly the money was there and it was waiting to be spend - which did
not happen

> What do we learn from this?
>       * The community needs more power. Having too much power in the
>         hands of a single person can become a problem when this person
>         disappears. We should distribute power and workload on more
>         shoulders.

yes and no - maybe to complex to explain it here - yes backups are
valuable, but too many cooks spoil the broth

>       * We need better controlling. We need to track our expenses.
>         Ideally,  FAmSCo should be in the position to figure out how
>         much was spent without having to ask somebody.

nobody keeps FAmSCo from tracking it´s FAmSCo´s/Ambassadors expenses?
I always believed that FAmSCo is capable of managing a global budget for
Fedora - but this never was achieved for know reasons

> Jörg, your statics are a good start and will help us a lot to achieve
> this. Thanks a lot for your work!
> One very minor point though: I think the cost distribution is a little
> too detailed. E.g. "Parking/Tolls" and "Fuel" can easily be summarized
> under the big "Transportation" portion.

took it from my cost-center reports - so i have to do it this way, anyway

have fun Joerg
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