[Ambassadors] Introduction

Candido Raphael crsesilva at gmail.com
Thu May 9 16:38:52 UTC 2013

Hi All,

I was recently approved as a member of the Fedora Ambassadors so thought I'd introduce myself.
I am Cândido Raphael (crsesilva in FAS and crsesilva on IRC) and I'm a network administrator computers, Linux and consultant information technology-focused solutions in free software and open source from the northeastern Rio Grande do Norte-Christmas Brazil.

I am a professor of computer science in voluntary non-governmental organizations in my city where I use Fedora as an operating system for my students, and present the project also my students also want to talk about the Fedora Project to more people of my city and my country, I am interested in speaking at local events on the Fedora Project and want to organize events to promote the Fedora Project and show the advantages of participating in a project.

My future goals for the Fedora project is becoming packers and package maintainer.

Happy to be on board and do my part for Fedora and his community.


Cândido Raphael
Seja Livre, use Linux! 

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