[Ambassadors] SCaLE event ownership this year

Scott Williams vwfoxguru at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 16:26:29 UTC 2014

If I may make a plea for something - I'm very much looking forward to SCaLE
this year - in fact, I'm giving a talk, but I'm also super busy in life at
the moment.  I'm flying to Indiana this weekend to await my brother's first
child and my wife and I are expecting as well.  If it is possible, I'd
rather not "own" SCaLE this year if someone else can take the reigns.  That
being said, I'm still willing to do it if no one else steps up.

I have a general list of who is planning on coming and of course I've
already taken care of things with SCaLE.  It's mostly the budget (which I
can still help with), FAD, and coordinating banners and such I'm asking

Many thanks,
Scott (vwbusguy)
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