[Ambassadors] Proposing Andrew Ward (Award3535) as new mentor for NA

Neville A. Cross yn1v at taygon.com
Tue Oct 7 17:21:23 UTC 2014


jbwillia opened a ticket in FAmSCo trac to propose Andrew Ward as a new 


The new procedure to make this as transparent and quicker states that a 
new mentor should be nominated by a current mentor and then this should 
be bring to the mailing list for comments. As jbwillia is not a current 
mentor and Award3535 has been proposed as mentor before, in FAmSCo was 
decided to do both step together.

a.- We ask that at least one current mentor second this proposal if they 
think is good.
b.- We will like to hear what are the views about approving a new mentor 
in the region. It is needed a new mentor in the region? Has anybody any 
objection? Good comments about his performance about ambassador? Has he 
extra "stuff" to guide a new ambassador? Anything else that I didn't 

I am not implying any bad about Andrew, just listing what some comments 
may be. By all I know is a fine collaborator.

This issue will be open for one week and then with the feed back it will 
be voted at FAmSCo meeting.

Best regards


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