[Ambassadors] FAMNA Marketing Ideas for F21 release

Andrew Ward award3535 at tds.net
Mon Oct 20 01:25:38 UTC 2014

All FAMNA, and interested ambassadors,

We are looking for some ideas for the marketing team in how we want to 
F21. Marketing can put together some flyers and is working on a presentation
that will be down loadable for us and anyone who is interested in what 
we do.

What we would like are some ideas on the content. For example; What type of
features are contained in each for cloud, desktop, and server.


What are the differences between cloud and desktop. Features unique to 
each one
or unique to other distributions.

Please send your replies to Chris Roberts croberts at croberts.org or 
directly to the marketing team.

Andrew Ward
award3535 at fedoraproject.org
award3535 at tds.net
award3535 at gmail.com

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