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Mon Oct 20 16:25:09 UTC 2014

Jiri Eischmann píše v St 01. 10. 2014 v 17:01 +0200:
> Jiri Eischmann píše v St 03. 09. 2014 v 13:41 +0200:
> > Hi,
> > yesterday in FAmSCo, we started a discussion what media we should
> > produce for F21.
> > We have been producing Multidesktop Live DVD for many releases, but with
> > the Fedora.Next changes we need to revisit it.
> > In FAmSCo, we've pretty much agreed that Multidesktop Live DVD is not
> > very aligned with the Fedora.Next initiative where we want to emphasize
> > the official products and those products should be delivered as clear
> > offerings all the way to the users. Merging them with other spins means
> > that the clear product offering is lost before it reaches the users.
> > Although Multidesktop Live DVD is economically the best solution, it is
> > not from the marketing perspective and doesn't deliver the message of
> > Fedora.Next products.
> > 
> > Suggestions that have come up at the meeting:
> > * the Cloud product doesn't really need a DVD media,
> > * having one DVD with Workstation and Server Products,
> > * having separate DVDs with Workstation and Server,
> > * creating additional DVD with other flavors of Fedora (other desktops,
> > many other specialized spins?) if there is enough interest and demand.
> > 
> > Christoph Wickert is going to bring it up on the workstation and server
> > group mailing lists and I'd like to start the discussion here because
> > this is very related to marketing. Opinions? :)
> > 
> > Jiri
> > 
> > P.S. we also discussed replacing DVDs with usb flash drives. As much as
> > we'd love to offer flash drives instead of DVDs it's still not a viable
> > option because flash drives are still 10x more expensive than DVDs. Not
> > much has changed there in the last two years :/
> We discussed the topic in FAmSCo again.
> The topic was discussed on several mailing lists and we've only
> registered strong demand for DVDs of Fedora Workstation. There have been
> some suggestions to add Fedora Server to FW as a virtual machine, but no
> one has volunteered to execute this idea and we really need to move the
> matter forward.
> So the plan is to produce Fedora Workstation DVDs, 64bit only because we
> don't know of 32-bit computers which could run FW reasonably. We may
> also consider some less power hungry option for the regions of APAC and
> LATAM (probably Xfce Spin). But it only will be an alternative, Fedora
> Workstation DVD is what we want to distribute globally.
> The quantities and whether the alternative DVD will be produced is at
> the discretion of the regions because the production is paid from their
> budgets and they're the closest to users, so they should know the best
> what they need.
> Other kinds of media might be also considered and used in the end, but
> it doesn't stop the DVD production because DVDs will remain our primary
> media for this release.
> The plan is of course a subject of change. I just felt it was necessary
> to push it forward and propose a concrete solution because there is not
> much time left.
> Jiri

I finally have quotes for EMEA:
dual-layer DVD (DVD9):
unit price: $.78 (quantity: 1000), $.55 (2000), $.44 (3000), $.36 (5000)

single-layer DVD (DVD5):
unit price: $.70 (1000), $.50 (2000), $.41 (3000), $.34 (5000)

If we want CD Digipack (booklet cover instead of a simple sleeve cover)
we will have to pay an additional cost:
$.50 (1000), $.35 (2000), $.27 (3000), $.22 (5000)

I also asked about the mini DVDs (8cm) which are much lighter to ship.
They said they don't produce them any more because they don't work with
the new Macbook-like DVD drives which is a very valid argument against

USB flash disk (form factor: credit card, CMYK print, 4GB, quantity:
unit price: $4.36

The price already includes preloading data on the drives.
We've explored the market quite extensively and you cannot buy flash
drives much cheaper. We may get down to $3-4, but it'd be really shitty
drives with no print on them and no preloaded data.

Paper web key (21x10cm):
unit prices: $1.97 (500), $1.55 (1000)
Plastic web key (see the attached picture):
unit prices: $1.54 (500), $1.34 (1000)

The price of web keys is IMHO quite high considering that they can't
contain almost no data. They're usually used to open a browser with a
certain website, so I guess autorun is used which is more or less a
Windows-only thing.

The cheapest alternative to DVDs would be fliers with a download link/QR
code and instructions how to download Fedora, create a bootable usb, and
install it.

I've already created a ticket in the EMEA trac, so that we can discuss
and vote about the production for this region:



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