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I have a lot of F20 disks left over. Perhaps I can send them to Alexander?
Let me know his request ticket # or address and I can get it to him.


On Oct 24, 2014 11:48 AM, "Jiri Eischmann" <eischmann at redhat.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I suppose this might be interesting for the NA ambassadors.
> Jiri
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> Subject: Solicitation for propoganda!
> Dear Fedora Project,
> I am a member of the South Mississippi Linux User Group, an organization
> aimed at networking FOSS enthusiasts and introducing new users to open
> source software, especially GNU/Linux operating systems.
> This December 12-14, we will be hosting a vendor table at the Geekonomicon
> in Biloxi, Mississippi. The Geekonomicon provides us a great opportunity to
> make an impression on a prime target audience of potential Linux users:
> geeks and academics
> At our table, we plan to lure these future users by displaying the wide
> variety of available software, ready-to-use distros, and the convenience of
> package management systems. Users will be able to try various distros
> without having to install them by using our PXE server, and we hope to make
> a good impression by offering them information and advice from our
> experienced group.
> In order to pique interest in Linux, we need any materials we can get,
> especially disks, which bring a professional look and bear the insignia of
> their projects. We are reaching out to many FOSS organizations in the hopes
> of getting such materials, and anything we receive will be prominently
> displayed, bragged about, and distributed.
> If there is any any assistance your project can provide us in our mission,
> please let me know at alexanderkjackson at gmail.com.
> Much appreciated,
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