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On Fri, Nov 6, 2015 at 10:58 AM, Matthew Miller <mattdm at fedoraproject.org>

> On Fri, Nov 06, 2015 at 09:11:45AM -0600, inode0 wrote:
> > Event reports being required for reimbursement doesn't work that well
> > for lots of situations. And expecting reports with any sort of
> > useful/valid impact analysis to be presented within two weeks of an
> > event is unreasonable. I'm not sure the people we send to an event to
> > promote Fedora are necessarily the best people to do impact analysis
> > anyway, but that is way too short of a window to do much that is
> > meaningful.
> I'd really like to hear ideas on who (and how, what, etc) would be good
> for doing impact analysis.

As laid out, event reporters are not (necessarily) doing the analysis, only
the reporting. This type of reporting is mostly about reporting raw numbers
and gathering links.

--Snipped From Wiki--

   - Attendees contacted or reached
   - Fedora Badges issued at or as a result of the event
   - Pull requests and patches submitted as a result of event
   - Bugs reported
   - Candidates sourced (i.e. Outreachy, GSoC, and/or other FOSS programs)
   - Articles/Videos/Photos/Content published by or about regional team
   - Social media mentions and interactions generated by event
   - Other supporting evidence data that shows the results of your effort
   - Links to and reach of Posts on Fedora Channels

--Snipped From Wiki--

Most of these elements can be tracked by:

   - Keeping a Sign-in sheet at the event
   - Having a QR code for badge awarding
   - using tags such as "python3 VFAD" to associate with an event with a
   PR/Bugzilla Report
   - Candidate sourced would join the Outreachy or Summer-Coding mail list,
   and should include which event they started at in their introduction email.
   - Articles/Content/Videos may be harder to find, but we want them for
   more than just reimbursement, we want to promote awesome Fedora things. By
   using a hashtag for an event, we should be able to aggregate some of that
   stuff from social media.
   - Anec-data and other personal accounts can be included as a blurb when
   sending the report.
   - CommOps and Fedora Social Media Manager (via OSAS) can help promote
   these, and get metrics too.

As far as analysis, we need to start with data and metrics, which don't
necessarily need to be number-crunched by the ambassadors.

> > I think we would maybe get better reports if we asked for one report
> > per event rather than one report per funded person per event and if we
> > involved marketing/magazine writers to help present the activities at
> > the event rather than relying solely on exhausted ambassadors to do
> > this immediately after an event.

I'm ok with this, which is why having a dedicated storyteller to aggregate
the information for an event report was a proposed solution.

> This makes a lot of sense to me — and in general fits with the the idea
> of better collaboration/communication between ambassadors and
> marketing.

Agreed. Ideally, the storyteller would be working with mktg and commops to
get their event promoted on the channels.

> > > - With only one guaranteed travel accommodation included as a benefit,
> > > I fear we're going to run into difficulties deciding who gets that
> > > benefit out of the three.
> > Yeah, potentially three people do something and one based on some
> > unknown factors gets a big benefit - recipe for unhappy campers.
> I'd love to live in a world where it'd be easy for us to tell our
> sponsor that it's worth sending all three from all regions. Maybe we
> can get there. In the world we have where that might not be possible, I
> think the best we can do is reduce the "unknown factors".

Yes, preferably we'd be able to get travel funded for all members, but I
think that is something that we'd need to make the case for in a future
budget cycle. Four regions x three reps = 12 Funded trips, which will be
rather costly without having that be a planned portion of the budget.

If there are other benefits for being a regional delegate besides funded
event travel, I'd be very interested to hear what people have in mind
(Ambassador Polo/Swag kits? Featured articles on the Magazine/CommBlog?)

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