Minutes from the Fedora Extras Steering Committee - 24/02/2005

Colin Charles colin at fedoraproject.org
Wed Mar 2 05:25:44 UTC 2005

Fedora Extras Steering Committee Attendees:


Greg DeKoenigsberg (chair)
Warren Togami
Jeremy Katz
Elliot Lee
Jesse Keating
Seth Vidal
Tom 'Spot' Callaway
Michael Schwendt
Colin Charles

Plenty, as meeting announcement went out <12 hours before meeting


	ACTION: Greg has created a schedule, its publically available -

	ACTION: Elliot has created an accounts system, and its almost ready -

	ACTION: /cvs/fedora is available to hold infrastructure and project
related stuff at cvs.fedora.redhat.com

	ACTION: Seth, working alongside Icon, did a mockup for the Fedora
Package web site: http://www.phy.duke.edu/~icon/work/test/package.html

New Actions:

	ACTION: Elliot will place website into CVS when the accounts system is

	ACTION: Warren will revive fedora-buildsys-list

	ACTION: Seth will handle the build system stuff, alongside Thomas and

	ACTION: Jesse and Tom will handle video for FUDCon. Tom has the task
of editing them, after Jesse uploads them

	ACTION: Web team (headed by Greg, with minions like Seth, Elliot,
Dave, Colin, etc...) to look at revamping fedora.redhat.com

	ACTION: Warren to revamp fedora.us. Make it clear that Fedora Extras
for >FC3 is to be found elsewhere

	ACTION: Greg to look at legal aspects of linking to external sites
(like a forum); looking at contributory infringement and removal of

	ACTION: Branch Fedora Extras, taken care by Elliot/Gafton

	ACTION: Rebuild Extras for FC4 test 1. We shall wait for GCC4 to hit
Core. Seth will handle x86/x86_64 builds. For PPC, we should be asking

	ACTION: Colin to create Fedora Traffic, the successor to Fedora News

	ACTION: Gafton to fix the CVS remove script

	ACTION: Bugzilla for Legacy components to be taken on by Dave and Jesse


	- Getting Matthias Saou on the committee was brought up
	- Indiana University Linux Fest and Fedora participation, headed up by
	- De-facto Core Technical Committee: Notting, Gafton, Sopwith, Jeremy
	- Fedora Extras trademark.  Policy is, everything that applies to
"Fedora" in general applies to "Fedora Extras."  Review the guidelines
at fedora.redhat.com, and if they are disagreeable, propose changes
through the Legal Tracker - fedora-lit at redhat.com

Colin Charles, {colin,byte}@fedoraproject.org
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then you win." -- Mohandas Gandhi

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