Summer Coding 2010 - now with more time!

Karsten Wade kwade at
Thu Apr 15 17:12:04 UTC 2010

We have pushed back the first part of the Summer Coding 2010 schedule.
There wasn't enough time to find sponsors.  Now there is more time for
mentors and students to generate ideas and write up good proposals,
while people like you and me look for more sponsors.

Highlights - note all due items now have an entire month more:

* Ideas page closes 13 May
* Proposals are due 20 May
* Sponsors must pledge by 21 May

Projects are set to start on 01 June, which is only a week after the
original start date.  Our goal is to be as flexible as we can be after
that, contact us if you have any questions about how to make the
schedule work for you:

Here is the updated schedule, reprinted below[1]:

For more details:


- Summer Coding SIG

[1] Full schedule

    *  April

          7 April - Students can begin submitting applications 

    * May

          Whole month - students, mentors, and sub-projects get to
          know each other 
          13 May - Mentors need to finish idea pages 
          20 May - Students applications + proposals need to be in 
          21 May - Sponsors must pledge funding by this point 
          24 May - Organizers finalize how many applications will be
          27 May - Mentors + admins finalize rank-ordered list 
          28 May - Students informed yes/no about application 

    * June

          Whole month - code, interact 
          01 June - Project begins (depending on proposal) 
	  NOTE: Proposals may have a modified schedule included.

    * July

          5 July - Midterm evaluations period begins 
          12 July - Midterm evaluations due 

    * August

          09 August - Project coding completes 
          16 August - Students final report, code snapshot, and
          evaluations due 
          20 August - Mentor evaluations due for students 
          23 August - Final evaluations due back to students 
          25 August - Mentor, sub-project evaluations due 

    * September

          01 September - Sponsors receive report from organizers 
          06 September - Sponsors release and deliver funds (proposed

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