New paths for development

Jesse Keating jkeating at
Wed Feb 10 23:48:03 UTC 2010

As part of the No Frozen Rawhide¹ initiative, a couple new paths are
showing up on our public mirrors.  Previously rawhide was published to
pub/fedora/linux/development/<arch>.  In the very near future that path
will change to pub/fedora/linux/development/rawhide/<arch>.  At the same
time, a new path will appear, pub/fedora/linux/development/13/<arch>.
This path will be where the Fedora 13 stabilization happens as we work
toward releasing Fedora 13.  Rawhide will move on and start seeing
changes more appropriate for Fedora 14 and beyond.

This change will happen at the Alpha freeze point, which is this coming
Tuesday.  In the mean time, these new paths are visible on our master
mirror but they are just hardlinks back to the existing content in
pub/fedora/linux/development/<arch>  These hardlinks are there to help
mirrors prepare for the new paths.

Look forward to more announcements regarding No Frozen Rawhide as the
freeze date nears!

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- Freedom² is a feature!
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