UTOSC 2010 Call for papers extended through August 1st!

Clint Savage clint at utos.org
Tue Jul 20 20:52:18 UTC 2010

I meant to send the original call for papers announcement back in
June, but this will have to do.


Time goes by quickly, so quickly in fact that top priorities get set
to the side and suddenly become missed opportunities. Fortunately
submitting a proposal for a presentation at the 2010 Utah Open Source
Conference doesn’t have to be one of them!

The deadline for paper submission has been extended until August 1st,
2010, just in time to sit down inside a nice cool coffee shop, sip
some of the great local roast and think about what to share with the

Really it only takes a minute or two to place a submission and you
might find it so easy and fun that you submit more then one.

Don’t worry about not having a full presentation prepared, all that
needs to be submitted by the deadline is the proposal, a basic outline
of what would be presented to the community at the conference. The
next step is easy: sit back, relax and wait to hear if your proposal
was selected by vote for the conference. Once selected the entire
presentation(s) should be laid out and created.

Don’t have anything to talk about? That’s not what I’ve heard!

Topics can be as wide ranging as are the members of the Utah Open
Source community at large (and that is pretty gosh darn diverse!) and
should include a variety of experience levels. While one presenter may
submit a presentation on Building a Better Community Through
Statistics another (and an excellent presentation I attended in 2009,)
might be Advanced GIMP: The Digital Diet.

So don’t be afraid to submit a proposal to talk about your favorite
open source program(s) that just does silly things or maybe does
nothing at all!

Has anyone ever submitted a presentation on an open source pet rock? No? Hhmm…

All ideas are welcome, but please remember to keep with the 2010
theme: its better when its free*.

Being free is so easy that my open source pet rock was free!

Interested? Want more details? Visit the Utah Open Source Conference
website at http://2010.utosc.com and when your ready to submit your
proposal simply create an account and visit
http://2010.utosc.com/speaker/papers/ to submit your paper.

You could put it off again, but then you will have to pay to attend
and where’s the fun in that?

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