Fedora Community Gaming Session 4 - Hedgewars

Bruno Wolff III bruno at wolff.to
Mon May 24 03:50:42 UTC 2010

There will be another Fedora Community Gaming session this weekend.
We will be playing hedgewars which is semi-realtime game.

We will be starting at:
UTC: 1700 Saturday May 29, 2010
EDT: 1pm Saturday May 29, 2010 

The game seems like it will be short depending on choices made for the game.
I'll be hanging around at least two hours, and can let the server run as
long as people want to play.

This game comes recommended by a third party, but I'm still acting as
the organizer.

We'll meet pregame in #fedora-games . If any experienced players want to
recommend server settings, please speak up in the pre-game meet up.
We'll use the in-game chat once we get started and I'll have Fedora Talk set
up for those that want to use that in addition.

We need to match versions, so players on F11 or F12 systems will need to
install scratch builds.

New players will definitely be welcome as I definitely qualify as one. So
expect some teaching to be going on.

A bit more information is at

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