Thank-you message from the Board

Paul Frields stickster at
Fri May 28 17:13:47 UTC 2010

We've had yet another in a long line of successful releases of the
Fedora distribution.  Now that the furor over the first few release
days has passed, we on the Board want to recognize the outstanding
efforts of our friends and colleagues in the Fedora Project.

A huge amount of development work has gone into this release, on a
variety of features from desktops to drivers, by ambitious engineers.
Package maintainers have kept up with myriad upstreams to provide the
best of what works today for millions of consumers.  Our designers
made everything beautiful, cleaning up icons, building thematic web
banners, and providing a brilliant backdrop for daily work.

Documentation writers kept track of changes in the distribution and
made sure that studious users can find information they need.
Translators around the world made Fedora 13 ready for a global user
base, working together with developers and writers to localize content
into dozens of languages.

Release engineering made sure everything was built according to spec
and provided publicly on multiple schedules throughout the release
cycle.  The bug triage and quality assurance teams repeatedly tested
Fedora, identified problems, and helped move them to resolution to
make the distro as stable as possible.

The project's system administrators made sure all our bits were in
their rightful places and available around the world as easily as
possible to the public.  Our marketing and Ambassadors teams and the
good folks at the Fedora Weekly News continue to work together to
spread information and updates about our project and distribution
consistently and globally.

In short, from every person who has promoted or provided Fedora, filed
or fixed a bug, written or packaged code, labored over writing or
translation, gardened the wiki, built or remixed the distro, helped
their fellow users and contributors in a positive spirit of free and
open source community -- thank you to each and every one of you!

With sincere gratitude,
The Fedora Project Board
 Christopher Aillon
 Josh Boyer
 Tom 'spot' Callaway
 Matt Domsch
 Paul W. Frields
 Dennis Gilmore
 Mike McGrath
 John Poelstra
 Chris Tyler
 Colin Walters

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